Firefox - USE ME!

Research has shown that only 25% of the users who download the Mozilla built browser Firefox use it regularly. That is a very good start but not enough...
Why is it so hard to outrun Internet Explorer?

First of all and most importantly - Internet Explorer comes with Windows and is ready to use. There is no additional work for the user and all Windows applications work hand-in-hand with it.

Another part of the users will simply not want to switch because they feel more comfortable with Internet Explorer and don't see the reason why to make the switch.
How to increase the Firefox market share?

Mozilla has build valuable partnerships to further increase their market share. Google Pack now includes Mozilla Firefox. When a user downloads and installs the software pack the possibility is given to choose to install every single item separately but also as a bundle. It is all about the ease of use - and the possibilities are much higher for people to install the software if less work = less hassle is involved.

Mozilla Firefox has agreed on a new strategy with a 12 point plan retention to increase its usage:

  1. Change Firefox icon label to resemble action of getting to the Web
  2. Put the Firefox icon in a better location
  3. Make default browser settings easier to use
  4. Big outbound marketing program driving brand recognition
  5. Improve download page and first run pages
  6. Improve support page
  7. Make plug-ins work out of the box
  8. Make add-ons and personas more accessible
  9. Make the Web feel more human
  10. Improve messaging through communications channels
  11. Stickier start page
  12. Explore Changing the Firefox icon image to closer resemble the action of getting to web
Tetridia's advice - be adventures and you will not regret it: download Firefox !

by Anja Glauch

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